Dr Thomas Giacobbi introduces the QuickConnect Anatomy Band

Dr Thomas Giacobbi shows us what he thinks of the QuickConnect Anatomy Band. Check out the full video here: https://www.dentaltown.com/news/details/12777/introducing-the-quickconnect-anatomy-band?st=quickconnect


QuickConnect Anatomy Band recommended by Dental Advisor

Rhondium's QuickConnect Anatomy Band was featured in the Dental Advisor's Clinical Problem Solver July-August issue. PROBLEM: Large multi-surface composite restorations often present significant clinical challenges, particularly when cusps are missing and/or there is little remaining tooth structure. Further, many traditional circumferential matrix bands offer little or no contour, create poor anatomy, are not bi-lateral, [...]


Practical measures to manage COVID-19 risk in your Surgery

Practical measures to manage COVID-19 risk in your Surgery On the 3rd of November, the Ministry of Health and the NZ Dental Council released the Guidelines for Oral Health Practitioners. What seems clear is dentists will be required to install some form of engineering control to manage aerosol risks as part of a documented risk [...]


Clearing the Air: Aerosol News Consolidated

With updates coming in almost daily about dental aerosols and their risks, we’ve decided to consolidate all the global dental aerosol news in one location, with some thoughts and analysis added as to how it impacts dentists, DA’s, and Hygienists. […]


Dispelling Myths Around Dental Aerosol Vacuums and HEPA filters

Since March we’ve all seen an explosion of articles, forum posts, and products regarding aerosols and aerosol risks. The initial pandemic response in the dental and wider medical associations was a fairly predictable one: stay cautious and double down on PPE. […]