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Introducing the


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The Sure Matrix – The Same but Better!

Sectional matrix systems are fantastic. We know because we invented the Triodent V3-Ring system! However, we think there is always room for improvement. That’s why we developed the Sure Matrix.

The new versatile Sure Matrix works with your favourite separating ring while performing the same functions as your existing sectional matrices. Additionally, it  offers the following features:

  • Full control over the width and position of the contact point.

  • Maintains constant contact with adjacent contact points.
    (Keep in mind that any separating force will push the adjacent tooth away from the matrix).

  • Works when a cavity is very wide or a cusp is missing.

  • Closes the gap that sometimes appears between the matrix and the floor of the proximal box.

  • When using Rhondium’s Separator Wedge and Blue Bond, the Sure Matrix can be used without a separating ring.

  • Designed with tooth anatomy in mind to create beautiful anatomical restorations.

We are offering the most versatile system on the market at a very competitive price, so why not equip your practice with a solution for all class II restorations?

Clinical Case Studies

Here are a selection of clinical cases submitted by our customers

Dr Andrew Middlemiss –  The Terrace Dental

Dr Andrew Middlemiss –  The Terrace Dental

Dr Andrea Shepperson –  City Dental

Dr Adam Doudney –  Smile Studio Orewa

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We are so confident you will love the Sure Matrix, you can try it for 30 days risk free!

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Here are some examples of how the Sure Matrix can be used:

Here the Sure Matrix is used conventionally.

Using Blue Bond, the long tab on the Sure Matrix has been pulled and temporarily bonded to an adjacent tooth to create a broader contact.

This wide cavity is problematic because the separating ring can collapse the matrix inwards. In this example, the Separator Wedge takes care of the separation, the  long tab is pulled and secured to the adjacent tooth, and the matrix wings are held in place by light-cured Blue Bond.
This process virtually eliminates flash as the matrix is intimately in contact with all of the cavity margins.

Here is the same case showing the dimple on the matrix where the matrix touches the adjacent tooth.
Note how we can select where we want the contact point by bonding the long tab at the anatomically correct location (slightly buccally for the upper premolar).

Watch the short training videos and see how easy the Sure Matrix is to use.

Sure Matrix Overview Video (about 1.5 minutes)

Ring-free Class II Technique (about 1.5 minutes)

Advanced Ring-Free Technique (about 10 minutes)

What do dentists say about Sure Matrix™?

“I was fortunate to be given some trial samples of the ‘Sure Matrix’. They are very nicely shaped and contoured matrix bands. Using the blue bond means not having to use a tension ring interproximally which is a massive bonus. Better visibility and easier to position the curing light. The ability to tack the band buccally and palatally means you can form a predictable contour and minimise excess flashings. I was skeptical about the contact point being adequate, but with good wedging and proper creation of the dimple when securing the band in position, it is easy to create a good contact point that flosses how it should. I will be using the ‘Sure Matrix’ in preference to my other systems from now on.”

Dr. Graham Shaw, Jervois Dental

“Very easy to use and a lot quicker than a separator ring.  More control over embrasure shape.  Refreshingly simple and effective.”

“I found the separator wedge easy to use to create a nice sealed margin and good strength of contact upon removal.

The separator wedge is a great mix of old-school wedge separation and modern ideal contour creation.

I love the simplicity of the Sure Matrix, it was very easy to create a lovely emergence profile and contour to the restored surface.

The Sure matrix combined with the separator wedge created a good solid contact very easily, no need for a ring.”

Dr Andrew Middlemiss, Lumino The Terrace

“I found the sure matrix easier to use than a garrison ring.  The final contact area is tight and the marginal ridge had a good anatomical shape requiring less occlusal adjustment.”

Julia Tully, Lumino Darfield

“The Sure Matrix system leads to an ideal curvature of the proximal surface, both buccolingually and vertically towards the occlusal surface. It’s really nice to be able to leave the proximal surface alone during finishing.”

“Yet another excellent product from Rhondium – the Sure Matrix puts more predictability into ensuring a great outcome.”

John Thomson, Dentacare Ltd
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Frequently asked questions

Yes, the Sure Matrix can be used just like any other sectional matrix band. The Sure Matrix provides excellent shape and contour when used in any sectional matrix system.

A flat-plastic instrument works well. You can also use a probe in one of the holes in the wings. Only secure one side at a time.

Slide or press a sharp instrument under the edge of the Blue Bond and lever it off. A No 12 scalpel or sharp excavator instrument is ideal.

Pulling more firmly gives you a broad contact point. You can pull too hard and create an inverted dimple at the contact point. It is best to examine the matrix at the contact point and assess the size of the dimple and adjust the pulling force accordingly.

The Separator Wedge (part of the Sure Matrix system) generates more separating force than many rings so you will get tight contacts if the Separator Wedge is a tight fit.
If you use a separator ring, you can still use a Separator Wedge but do not use too much force when inserting it otherwise this may result in a contact that is too tight.

Some of our dentists routinely paint some dental bond on the adjacent tooth (without etching) before placing the blue bond to assure good bonding.
Use enough Blue Bond to cover most of the holes in the tab.
If there is a fresh composite filling on the adjacent tooth the bond can be too strong. See FAQ below.

Blue Bond can be too strong when bonded to freshly cured composite and this can become an issue if the adjacent tooth has just been restored.
One simple option is to skip the idea of bonding the tab to the adjacent newly restored tooth and use a separating ring and your regular sectional matrix procedure in this case. You can still use the Sure Matrix and Separator Wedge.
The other solution is to apply an air-thinned layer of KY Jelly then apply the Blue Bond over the new occlusal restoration.
This creates a bond that is strong enough to hold and also pulls off in one piece when removing the matrix. We have tested glycerine, it did not work as well as KY Jelly and is not recommended.

If this happens, simply apply a bonding agent and a small amount of Blue Bond under the Blue Bonded tab, and then pull on the tab again with a probe and light cure.

In these cases apply a bonding agent to the tooth/surface where the tab will sit, then add Blue Bond and light cure.

Blue Bond is a light-cured methylmethacrylate gel that is formulated to temporarily adhere to teeth. It has similar chemistry to composite restorative materials and therefore will bond well to fresh composite. To avoid this see How do I attach the tab and Blue Bond to fresh composite on an adjacent tooth above.

Yes, you can use regular flowable instead of Blue Bond if there is a risk that it might become incorporated into the restoration.  The main benefit of Blue Bond is that it is cheaper than flowable and easy to see, but it is fine to switch for those types of cases.

Sure Matrix Sectional Product Range

Sure Matrix - 3.5mm - 50 Pack

Sure Matrix – 3.5mm – 50 Pack

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Sure Matrix - 4.5mm - 50 Pack

Sure Matrix – 4.5mm – 50 Pack

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Sure Matrix - 5.5mm - 50 Pack

Sure Matrix – 5.5mm – 50 Pack

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Sure Matrix - 6.5mm - 50 Pack

Sure Matrix – 6.5mm – 50 Pack

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Sure Matrix Sectional Regular Pack

Sure Matrix Sectional Intro Pack

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Sure Matrix Sectional Regular Pack

Sure Matrix Sectional Regular Pack

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Class II Mini Kit

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Blue Bond

Sure Matrix Blue Bond

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We are offering the most versatile system on the market at a very competitive price, so why not equip your practice with a solution for all class II restorations?