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Introducing the

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The Sure Band – There has never been a full band this good!

Nothing quite beats a circumferential band for ease of use, marginal seal, and great retention on those class II restorations. However, most circumferential bands can still leave you with an incorrect proximal surface. That’s why we’ve developed the Sure Band.

From the creators of the Triodent V3 Ring, the Sure Band has been designed with tooth anatomy in mind, allowing you to create anatomically correct restorations predictably and easily. Additionally, it offers the following features:

  • Finally, an anatomically-correct circumferential band.
  • Phenomenal contours and anatomy, especially the proximal surface.
  • Multiple long tabs on the proximal sides can be, optionally, tacked to adjacent teeth to overcome the inward force created by band tightening. This guarantees that the contacts are tight.
  • Very thin foil, yet surprisingly robust – 33μm.
  • The tails of the band are spot-welded together to make loading easier.
  • Tofflemire compatible.
  • Contoured for molars and premolars in 5.5mm and 6.5mm for deeper restorations.

How does the Sure Band guarantee tight contacts?

Our simple solution is to glue the matrix to the adjacent teeth so it just cannot move away during separation and restoration placement. To do this, we needed some extra tabs on the proximal portions of the band as shown here.   We also needed a temporary adhesive.  Regular flowable works quite well.

Also note the nice shape of the proximal surface of the band. This creates an excellent emergence profile.

If the extra tabs are in the way they can be cut off but we think it is easier to ignore them.

30 day money back guarantee

We are so confident you will love the Sure Band, you can try it for 30 days risk free!

Here are some examples of how the Sure Band can be used:

Here the Sure Band is used conventionally.

Using flowable, the long tab on the Sure Band has been pulled and temporarily bonded to an adjacent tooth to create a broader contact.

The Sure Band tabs can be pulled and bonded to both adjacent teeth which ensures the matrix cannot be pulled away from the contact, thus giving you great contacts every time and the ability to restore both distal and mesial at the same time.

After removing the Sure Band, you can see how little finishing is left and the beautiful anatomical restorations.

Watch the short training videos and see how easy the Sure Band is to use.

Sure Band Training Video (about 6.5 minutes)

What are dentists saying about the Sure Band™?

“The new Sure Band from Rhondium provide an excellent seal, great anatomy and a smooth, broad contact that allows floss to snap through.

I’ve been practicing for 22 years now and it’s not that often something comes along that makes such a tangible and immediate difference in the way that I work. Congratulations, it’s a simple but excellent idea and it works brilliantly – excellent innovation. ”

Dr Andrew Mackie - New Zealand, Mackie Dental Specialists Hamilton
I must say when I first used the band I was a little bit hesitant including it in my restorative workflow. I have however started working more and more with the band and I have done several MOD composites in molars and premolars that ended up with good  contact points, where normally I would have had a slightly open contact. It burnishes well. It is thin. Works seamlessly with the toffelmire matrix. All in all I am very happy with it and I am including it more and more in my restorative workflow.
The special wedges for margin elevation are fantastic!
Dr Craig Woolward - Australia, CoastWide Smiles Dentalcare

I have been using the Sure Band for a few months and it is by far the nicest shaped full band I have ever used!
I use it for my MOD’s and sometimes Class II’s as well, as I find it far less likely to get any overhangs and just as good a shape as a sectional matrix. It holds on to very little tooth when there is not much left due to its anatomic shape and requires very little contouring afterward as the shape is so nice. I use it the same as any conventional matrix but using the separating wedges.
I highly recommend.

Dr Adam Doudney - New Zealand, Smile Studio Orewa

Frequently asked questions

Yes, the Sure Band can be used just like any other sectional matrix band. The Sure Band provides excellent shape and contour when used in any restoration technique.

A flat-plastic instrument works well. You can also use a probe in one of the holes in the wings. Only secure one side at a time.

Pulling more firmly gives you a broad contact point. You can pull too hard and create an inverted dimple at the contact point. It is best to examine the matrix at the contact point and assess the size of the dimple and adjust the pulling force accordingly.

The Separator Wedge (part of the Sure Band system) generates more separating force than many rings so you will get tight contacts if the Separator Wedge is a tight fit.
If you use a separator ring, you can still use a Separator Wedge but do not use too much force when inserting it otherwise this may result in a contact that is too tight.

If this happens, simply apply a bonding agent and a small amount of flowable under the flowable bonded tab, and then pull on the tab again with a probe and light cure.

Sure Band – Introductory offer

Sure Band Starter Kit

The Sure Band Starter Kit is a great place to get started. Get everything you need to try the Sure Band in one easy kit. Also with our 30-day money-back guarantee, it is practically risk-free!

Kit Contents: 

25 x Sure Band Molar – 5.5mm
25 x Sure Band Molar – 6.5mm
25 x Sure Band Premolar – 5.5mm
25 x Sure Band Premolar – 6.5mm
20 x Separator Wedge – Small
20 x Separator Wedge – Medium
20 x Separator Wedge – Large
6 x Deep Margin Elevation Wedge – Small
6 x Deep Margin Elevation Wedge – Large

We are offering the most versatile system on the market at a very competitive price, so try the Sure Band today and gain ultimate control over the shape and size of your contact points.