Rhondium’s QuickConnect Anatomy Band was featured in the Dental Advisor’s Clinical Problem Solver July-August issue.

Large multi-surface composite restorations often present significant clinical challenges, particularly when cusps are missing and/or there is little remaining tooth structure. Further, many traditional circumferential matrix bands offer little or no contour, create poor anatomy, are not bi-lateral, and pull away from the adjacent teeth leaving open contacts. They can often be difficult or impossible to tighten, allowing the matrix to fall off or leave ledges on the margins of the restoration. Other matrix bands require fingers in the back of the mouth to tighten or have bulking retainer mechanisms that get in the way.

The QuickConnect Anatomy Band offers a unique solution to the clinical challenges in large multi-surface composite restorations. The detachable stainless carrier provides easy placement and does not interfere with the procedure and the bands have a swivel so that they can be used in any quadrant. The tightened band clings securely to teeth, even with minimal structure, without twisting, whilst maintaining the correct tooth shape. The optional “Tight-Contact-Tabs” ensure tight and/or wide contacts through a pulling rather than pushing action. Thus, the QuickConnect Anatomy Band significantly enhances restoration efficiency and accuracy and fulfills a need that has been missing for a long time.

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