The Revolutionary
One Visit Crown Procedure

No CAD/CAM Needed

Cost shouldn’t be a barrier to your patients saying yes to the crown treatments they desperately need.

The One Visit Crown (OVC3) enables dentists to create anatomically correct, full-coverage restorations in one appointment. The revolutionary procedure is quick and effective. With OVC3 you can offer your patients a crown procedure at an excellent price, dramatically improving your case acceptance rates.

Now, when you give your patients the bad news they need a crown to restore a weak tooth, you can also tell them there’s a unique technology that provides a cost-effective solution for them in just one visit. Save your patients time and money with restorations that are great for them – and for your practice.

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The OVC3 uses a revolutionary crown procedure that is ideal for full crowns, 3/4 crowns, onlays and complex restorations.

With the OVC3, crown procedures can now be completed in one appointment without the need for dental labs or CAD/CAM systems.  

This proven, robust technology offers impressive efficiencies and benefits for both your patients and your practice.

OVC3 Indirect Procedure Animation

Product Features

OVC 3D animation icon

The One Visit Crown (OVC3)TM

+ Available in 5 different sizes for each posterior tooth (upper, lower,  molars and premolars) – measuring tool provided

+ 73% Zirconia filled Hybrid Ceramic – heat-cured occlusal layer and uncured under layer

+ Anatomically correct occlusal surface

OVC3 McDonald Matrix Band 3D animation icon

The McDonald Matrix BandTM

+ Tooth specific anatomical contours

+ Easily adjustable front-facing mechanism

+ Tofflemire-like tightness without the downsides

Compact design – doesn’t get in the way

OVC3 Stretch Wedge 3D animation icon

The Stretch WedgeTM

+ Unique stretch design provides great separation for consistent tight contacts

+ Protects the papillae and prevents crevicular fluid seepage

One Visit Crown OVC3 Wedge 3D animation Icon

The OVC3 WedgeTM

+ Allows you to build up a deep proximal box

+ Anatomically correct surface follows the natural shape of the tooth

+ Comes in a left and right shape  for mesial or distal placement

OVC3 Case Studies

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OVC3 replaces cracked molar

OVC3 full crown procedure

OVC3 restoration on amalgam filled tooth

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john flucke
“A revolutionary single visit full crown procedure that does not require CAD/CAM.  Every dentist should try this to see where this fits in their practice.”
– Dr John Flucke DDS

The OVC3 is a win-win for both dentist and patients – it eliminates lab fees,  increases affordability for patients and the procedure can be completed in a single 30 minute appointment.

Dr. John Comisi

Finally, an immediate chair-side solution for my patients who need an affordable full occlusal restoration with great esthetics. I’m happy, my patients are happy!

Dr. Marty Jablow

I’ve been following the evolution of the One Visit Crown and I really think that version three has nailed it.  It’s a much easier technique that produces fabulous contours.

Dr. Graeme Milicich
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*In-house tests have shown the Stretch Wedge to provide over 40% more separating force than leading separating rings.