I love new technology. Whether it’s a new app or feature on my iPhone or a new device in dentistry, anything bleeding edge, I am drawn to. In my office, we use our iTero to scan every patient, and I use my SprintRay Pro 95 to print any model I need.

Recently I had a patient who broke a tooth on a partial denture. I tried to figure out a way to do a scan, but nothing really worked. I had to break out the alginate and do a pickup impression. The same thing can be true for basic restorative dentistry. I love the contacts and contours I get from sectional matrix systems. However, sometimes I can’t use them and I need a circumferential matrix.

In those situations, the QuickConnect Anatomy Band by Rhondium has become my go-to. QuickConnect Anatomy Bands are thin, circumferential matrix bands that do not utilize a Tofflemire retainer. They use their own retaining system with a detachable carrier and adjusting tool that makes for quick and easy placement, tightening, and adjusting. The retaining system is built into each band and is made of lightweight plastic……..

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