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Introducing the QuickConnect Anatomy Band

We are excited to announce the launch of our new QuickConnect Anatomy Band. We believe it is the best circumferential matrix band product in the world and we aren’t strangers to matrix band systems. Rhondium was formed by Dr. Simon McDonald, inventor of the world-renowned Triodent V3 Sectional Matrix System (also Palodent Plus).

With its emphasis on ease of use and anatomical shape, the QuickConnect Anatomy Band is a valuable addition to any dental practice looking to streamline restorative procedures and improve results.

3D model of the QuickConnect Anatomy Band
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QuickConnect Anatomy Band Benefits

  • Easy Placement: The QuickConnect Anatomy Band has a detachable carrier that allows the band to be placed, tightened, and adjusted quickly and easily.

  • Anatomic design: The QuickConnect Anatomy Band mimics the natural contours of the tooth, creating a leak-free marginal seal and beautiful anatomical restorations.

  • Compact: The matrix band is designed to be small and easy to use in tight spaces, making it particularly useful for second and third molars.

  • Hard foil: The matrix band has a hard contoured foil that is 35 microns thick, is surprisingly tough, and can be pushed between tight contacts while retaining its shape.

  • Doesn’t loosen or unwind: The matrix band features a color-coded, adjustable plastic retainer that is designed to stay in place and not loosen or unwind during use.

  • Swivel: The plastic retainer arm can be swiveled for use on any quadrant.

Watch the short training videos and see how easy the QuickConnect Anatomy Band is to use.

QuickConnect Anatomy Band Training Video
(about 1 minute)

There is two versions of QuickConnect Anatomy Bands – Regular and Tabbed. The QuickConnect Anatomy Band Regular version has no tabs on the top edge of the band.

The Tabbed QuickConnect Anatomy Band is an enhanced version of the QuickConnect Anatomy Band that comes with additional tabs called “Tight-Contact-Tabs.” These tabs are designed to provide an added level of control and precision during the filling process, by temporarily securing the matrix band to adjacent teeth using a bonding agent and flowable resin or pulling them while curing the composite to ensure the matrix is in contact with adjacent teeth. However, it is important to note that these tabs are optional, and the matrix band can also be used without using the tabs.  They are particularly useful when trying to close a large gap or to create a wide contact.

To learn how to utilize these tabs, see the Sure Band training videos as these use the same technique.

QuickConnect Anatomy Band Starter Kit – Regular

The QuickConnect Anatomy Band Starter Kit is a great place to get started. Get everything you need to try the QuickConnect in one easy kit. Also with our 30-day money-back guarantee, it is practically risk-free!

Kit Contents:
2 x QuickConnect Carriers
10 x QuickConnect Bands – Molar – 6.5mm
10 x QuickConnect Bands – Molar – 5.5mm
10 x QuickConnect Bands – Premolar – 6.5mm
10 x QuickConnect Bands – Premolar – 5.5mm
10 x Separator Wedges – Small
10 x Separator Wedges – Medium
10 x Separator Wedges – Large

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Experience the ease of use of the QuickConnect Anatomy Band and enjoy the great anatomy it creates!