How the One Visit Crown helps your practice get back on its feet, post COVID-19

Without a doubt, dentistry as we know it will be facing huge change, post the coronavirus pandemic. It’s easy to get caught up in the hysteria: How will we financially recover? How will we manage with the inevitable influx of extensive treatment needed? How will we, with our patients, cope with navigating the new regulations [...]


How to achieve correct occlusal distance when placing the One Visit Crown

In this post, we will explain how to achieve correct occlusal distance with the One Visit Crown (OVC) Tooth preparation – how much clearance to leave When preparing the tooth for the placement of the One Visit Crown, at least 1mm of clearance needs to be allowed in the central fossa and 1.5mm at the cusps [...]


Cracked tooth syndrome – amalgam replacement

Replacement of a large amalgam restoration with cracked tooth syndrome, using the One Visit Crown (OVC) Case by Dr Neel Panchal (BDS (Lond) MSc MFGDP PgCAP HE FHEA) from TW13Dental, United Kingdom. 01 Tooth prior to procedure 02 Tooth prior to procedure 03 Tooth prior to procedure [...]


Deep margin elevation using OVC Wedge

See how to use the OVC Wedges for deep margin elevation prior to placement of the McDonald Matrix Band.  The OVC Wedges are anatomically shaped to follow the natural curve of the tooth. They come in both a left and right version for mesial or distal placement, and are an ideal tool for deep margin elevation [...]


Examples of prepped teeth for the OVC

Many dentists have questions about how much to prep the tooth prior to placing the OVC One Visit Crown. If you haven’t already, make sure you read this blog post on how to achieve correct occlusal distance when placing the One Visit Crown. One of the benefits of the OVC is that is doesn’t need an [...]


How to close an open contact

In this series of blog posts we will be addressing some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding the One Visit Crown (OVC). Nothing in dentistry is easy, but we hope that some of these tips and tricks will help you to continue to provide great clinical outcomes for your patients.  [...]


How to get tight contacts using the Garrison Composi-Tight® original ring

The OVC system is flexible in its use. To create separation, you can use any of the following; Garrison Composi-Tight® original ring with wooden wedges Wooden wedges alone Stretch Wedges Below we will show you a clinical tip on how to use wooden wedges in combination with a separating ring for optimum separating force.  [...]