Many dentists have questions about how much to prep the tooth prior to placing the OVC One Visit Crown. If you haven’t already, make sure you read this blog post on how to achieve correct occlusal distance when placing the One Visit Crown. One of the benefits of the OVC is that is doesn’t need an invasive circumferential prep so is more conservative for the tooth.

Below we’ll run through some case examples so you can see how the tooth was prepped in each situation. 

Case 1: Before Prep After
AnnaPre-web Prep-done-200x129-web Finished1-web
Case 2: Before Prep After
01-Before 02-Blue Wedge Buildup 11-After Top View
Case 3: Before Prep After
Before-200x129 One-Visit-Crown-OVC3-Case-study-OVC-lower-pre-molar-endo-treated-tooth-prep-from-top Final-Top-200x129
Case 4: Before Prep After
Fig-1---Pre-Op-cropped-200x129 Prep-with-band-200x129 -lite

Case 5: Before Prep After
Before-200x129 Prep-with-opaquer-200x129 Final-occlusal-shot-200x129
Case 6: Before Prep After
Before-200x129 prep-200x129 After-200x129
Case 7: Before Prep After
Before-200x129 Prep-200x129 After-200x129


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