OVC Videos & Animations

OVC Digital Technique

This video shows how to do the OVC procedure on a typodont model using the McDonald Matrix Band.

OVC Tooth Preparation Video

This video shows how to do the OVC tooth preparation.

Deep margin elevation with Dr Adam Doudney

Dr Adam Doudney shows how to do a deep margin elevation to make it possible to seat a matrix band as part of the One Visit Crown procedure.

Using the OVC Contact Instrument to get tight contacts

Dr Simon McDonald shows how to use the new OVC Contact Instrument to achieve tight contacts. The OVC Contact Instrument is now for sale. Please contact us for more information.

Dealing with the OVC4 opacity and colouring

Dr Terry Wong goes over how he deals with colouring the OVC4. Taken from an advanced webinar with Dr Terry Wong.

Tips on OVC tooth preparation

Dr Terry Wong explains how to prep teeth for the One Visit Crown.