Sure Matrix Testimonials

What do dentists say about Sure Matrix™?

“I was fortunate to be given some trial samples of the ‘Sure Matrix’. They are very nicely shaped and contoured matrix bands. Using the blue bond means not having to use a tension ring interproximally which is a massive bonus. Better visibility and easier to position the curing light. The ability to tack the band buccally and palatally means you can form a predictable contour and minimise excess flashings. I was skeptical about the contact point being adequate, but with good wedging and proper creation of the dimple when securing the band in position, it is easy to create a good contact point that flosses how it should. I will be using the ‘Sure Matrix’ in preference to my other systems from now on.”

Dr. Graham Shaw, Jervois Dental

“I found the sure matrix easier to use than a garrison ring.  The final contact area is tight and the marginal ridge had a good anatomical shape requiring less occlusal adjustment.”

Julia Tully, Lumino Darfield

“The Sure Matrix system leads to an ideal curvature of the proximal surface, both buccolingually and vertically towards the occlusal surface. It’s really nice to be able to leave the proximal surface alone during finishing.”

“Yet another excellent product from Rhondium – the Sure Matrix puts more predictability into ensuring a great outcome.”

John Thomson, Dentacare Ltd

“Very easy to use and a lot quicker than a separator ring.  More control over embrasure shape.  Refreshingly simple and effective.”

“Easy to use, great contact and mesial/distal ridge contour.  Handy for situations where a v ring clamp jumps off, or crowding that won’t allow ring placement.  Handy bit of kit to have on hand.”

Emma Courtney, Lumino Darfield

“Extremely useful for patients with small mouths or who do not like a clamp.  Great for tricky contact points.”

Samantha Grant, Advanced Dental

“Sure Matrix is a product worth having in my kit. We managed good contours on an ODL also which would have distorted separating ring.”

Anne-Marie Fouche, Team Dental Katikati

“Great contour and doesn’t break easily.”

“The sure matrix helps make my composites between the teeth look really good and reduces finishing time.  It’s been great.”

Nicola Stalker , Atkinson & Stalker Dental

“The Sure Matrix really revolutionises the way to create a predictable interproximal contact.”

Fred Wang, F&F Dental Care

“It was easy to use with minimum accessory tools required.”

Sangeeta Mankal, QualityCare Dental

Sure Matrix Sectional Product Range

Sure Matrix - 3.5mm - 50 Pack

Sure Matrix – 3.5mm – 50 Pack

Sure Matrix - 4.5mm - 50 Pack

Sure Matrix – 4.5mm – 50 Pack

Sure Matrix - 5.5mm - 50 Pack

Sure Matrix – 5.5mm – 50 Pack

Sure Matrix - 6.5mm - 50 Pack

Sure Matrix – 6.5mm – 50 Pack

Sure Matrix Sectional Regular Pack

Sure Matrix Sectional Intro Pack

Sure Matrix Sectional Regular Pack

Sure Matrix Sectional Full Pack

Blue Bond

Sure Matrix Blue Bond