Without a doubt dentistry is about to change post the coronavirus pandemic.   


It’s easy to get caught up in the panic, but now is NOT the time to panic, now is the time to take action and do something. 

Much of your post-COVID comeback success depends on what you do now!  

Let’s talk about the something.  We’ve collated a practical list of things you can do to get ready for re-opening your practice.  

1.  Work out where you are getting your government guideline information – investigate what this means for your country.   The ADA in Australia has released a great guide on what procedures can be completed at the different lockdown levels. 

2.  Establish a procedure for how you will begin to bring patients back into your dental practice –  this is a major topic and likely going to keep many dental practices and teams busy at least in the first few weeks of re-opening.   

A USA based dentists Dr Balanoff has produced a PDF on how to “Soft Open a dental practice” and also produced a great video talking about how to reopen a dental practice.  


Here is a short list of things you should consider: 

  1. PPE Supply – What PPE will you need? How much will you need? Where will you get it from?  Possibly think about placing some orders ahead of opening.  
  2. Communicate with your patients – tell them what you are doing in your office to keep them safe.  Tell them how you can begin to see them again.  Tell them about your procedures for check-ins.  
  3. Set up your office – Place signage on your front door and reminders for staff and patients about your office protocols.   Remove any loose items about in your waitng area (magazines etc).  
  4. Communicate with your patients – let them know what you are doing to keep them safe – this will potentially put patients off re-booking with you.  
  5. Establish a regular cleaning schedule for your front office area and a procedure for cleaning after each patient.   
  6. Consider staggering patient bookings to reduce the risk of areosols staying airbourne in your office.  
  7. Reduce or limit areosol producing procedures  – use a rubber dam where possible, make patients rinse first.  Consider getting an office air scrubber/purifyer for each operatory. 

Aerosol producing dental drills are a problem

Prepare for a slower than usual return to work. 

Things are likely to be slower than usual as fear in the community dissapaites.  

  1. Consider how you can support your patients with teleconference diagnosis.  
  2. Provide patients with preventative treatment options – increased discussions/correspondence with patients about preventative measures to patients including sealants, fluoride. 
  3. Commincate with your patients about what you are doing to keep them safe and let them know they can book in for a check up. 

No doubt this is going to be a tough one as this virus spreads.  It’s a great time to consider doing less volume appointments and more high value prceodures like the One Visit Crown.