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How should I present the One Visit Crown to my patients?

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In this article we will cover techniques to present the One Visit Crown to your patients for optimal case acceptance rates.

Every dentist would like to increase their patient case acceptance rates.  As dentists, we think first about the best clinical outcome for the patient. Here’s the problem. What do you think the patients first thought is? You guessed it – it’s almost always, “how much is this going to cost?”.

It can be frustrating when a patient doesn’t place the same value on their oral health as you do. It’s up to you help them understand their options and make an informed choice. When a patient says YES – it’s good for your practice and your state of mind.

The One Visit Crown gives you another full occlusal coverage option for a great clinical outcome. We get asked often – how do I present this to my patients? These easy steps below can help.

Choice of three

Tell your patient that you have three options for them:

  • A large composite filling, which is the cheapest option but also not particularly long-lasting.
  • A Rhondium One Visit Crown (OVC), which still strong, aesthetic and mid-priced.
  • A traditional crown, which starts from $$$ and requires two appointments, and a temporary crown to complete.

When presented with three choices, most peoples’ general inclination is to choose the middle option. Just talking about the different options can result in an increased uptake in both OVC’s and also traditional crowns – from patients who might have otherwise requested a large MODBL filling.

Use sales aids provided by Rhondium Dental Labs

Some dentists like to use a typodont model to show their patients an example of a completed OVC on a tooth, so that they can see that it is a nice white colour with good aesthetics. Others like to show before and after photos so patients can see how the OVC looks just like a real tooth.  Additionally you may find it useful to use one of our brochures.

You can view our marketing resources here.



Most importantly, be confident. High self-belief leads to high success.

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