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How long will OVC restorations last?

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How long will OVC restorations last? Is there any data on success rates? What can my patients expect?

Are there any long term studies?

Unfortunately, not enough time has elapsed for us to have 10-year longevity data on OVC restorations.    At this time Rhondium Dental Labs can only present the information we have available from our customers and complaints register.

OVC User Data – External

This data was kindly donated by a New Zealand based dentist who kept a record of all the OVC restorations and recall performance at follow up appointments.

  • Placed 455 OVCs between 31/07/2013 and 28/05/2018.
  • 14 failed (3%), and 97% are successful at present.
  • 8 (1.8%) needed minor margin repairs
  • Causes of failure primarily core fractures of tooth/ tooth abscess/ little initial enamel rim/ two root filled vertical fractures

Number of Complaints – Complaints Register

Rhondium Dental Labs are legally required to maintain a record of complaints as they relate to OVC product failures.

  • Over 41,000 OVC’s have been sold to date
  • Only 7 reported failures due to the OVC fracturing or breaking
  • 99.9% success rate

If you have a failure to report please email us here.

Teeth with questionable/risky prognoses

Commonly dentists will offer an OVC restoration to a patient who has no other options.   Some common clinical situations where patients opt for OVC crowns are when patients:

  • need emergency treatment
  • the dentist is unsure if the tooth will survive
  • the dentist thinks the tooth may need a root canal treatment in the near future and if they place a traditional crown it will be destroyed, whereas the OVC can be drilled through and bonded to.
  • need a root canal as well as a crown and cannot afford both procedures
  • have a cracked tooth and are not sure if the tooth will survive
  • would otherwise choose a large composite build-up or a tooth extraction

In these situations, it is not advisable for you to promise the OVC will last for the long term.

What can you confidently say to your patients about OVC longevity?

When presenting the OVC to your patients you can use the following example:

Dental crowns can last anywhere between five to fifteen years or even longer in certain circumstances. The exact lifespan can depend on general wear and tear, and your own oral hygiene routines. Avoid using your teeth as tools as this could chip your new crown. Brushing at least twice a day and flossing once-a-day, when combined with regular check-ups and professional hygiene appointments will help prolong the life of your crown, keeping it looking great for longer.

If you need more information on how to present the OVC to your patients click here. 

OVC’s in Recall

Here is an OVC restoration after 2 years.

Here is the same restoration after 3 years.

A Premium Version of OVC with more luster is available in some markets. 

Note: After 3 years the restoration has lost some of its luster and shine.    This can be rectified with a fresh polish during a follow-up appointment or in some markets (such as the UK) OVC’s are offered in a premium version with more luster and long term shine properties.    Ask your local rep if this is available in your country.

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