Stretch Wedge instructions for use

The innovative Stretch Wedge is part of the One Visit Crown (OVC3) System. Try the Stretch Wedge out on your next MOD case and experience how the revolutionary design separates teeth for consistently tight contacts.

Benefits of the Stretch Wedge include:
✓ More separating force than separating rings*
✓ Adjustable separation force
✓ Protects the papillae
✓ Prevents crevicular fluid seepage

*In-house tests have shown the Stretch Wedge provides over 40% more separating force than leading separating rings.

Please follow the instructions below when using the Stretch Wedge on your next MOD case.

Step 01: Stretch

OVC3 Stretch Stretch Wedge

Slowly pull the Stretch WedgeTM a few times prior to use. This strengthens the wedge and allows for increased interproximal separation.

Step 02: Floss gently

OVC3 Matrix Band & Stretch Wedge

Stretch and floss interproximally just like dental floss and pull gently. Pulling tight at this stage may dent the matrix band.

Step 03: Build up proximal box with flowable

Matrix Band With Build Up And Stretch Wedge

Build up the proximal box below the contact point and cure.

Step 04: Pull hard on wedge and burnish

One Visit Crown OVC3 Burnishing

Firmly pull one end of the Stretch WedgeTM to create separation and re-burnish the contact point.

If you have any more questions or to order the OVC3 please call us toll free on:

NZ 0800 746 634

US 1 800 875 6246

AUS 1 800 449 282

or email for assistance.