Upgrade your surgery into a Negative Air Pressure
room with the easy to install Rhondair.

Air changes in your dental practice are under the microscope of regulators as the more infectious Delta COVID-19 variant becomes more established and spreads as lockdown restrictions are eased. Performing all Aerosol Generating Procedures are now high risk given the delay between infectious patients presenting with symptoms, or in some cases remaining asymptomatic but still infectious.

It is accepted that negative pressure systems are the best practice in controlling the spread of air-borne diseases. If you’re looking for a convenient affordable “done for you “air change solution – The Rhondair could be right for you to manage your staff and patients’ health and safety.

The Rhondair Negative Air: $1,699 + GST and Shipping.

This is our recommended model for all dental surgeries that can vent outside their office building. It is the most efficient model and can create a negative pressure environment. It can also change the air more than the recommended 10 times per hour.

It has the flexibility to be wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted  (optional extra for $299) it is our smallest unit and includes a venting kit.

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Can’t vent outside of your surgery? Then we recommend one of the following two options.

The Rhondair Air Purifier: $1,999 + GST and Shipping.

In addition to the powerful fan, the Purifier model includes a Medical Grade H13 HEPA filter which captures 99.95% or more of all particles – including the size ranges that viruses, bloodborne pathogens, and dental aerosols exist within. Wall mounted or freestanding in your surgery to provide an additional measure of infection prevention during the assessment and treatment of the patient.

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The Rhondair Aerosol Capture: $2,499 + GST and Shipping.

The ultimate in protection with the disposable shields and patient contact points. The aerosol capture system provides a physical barrier between the dentist and the patient during the treatment. The Aerosol splatter is captured at source in the shield and transported to the H13 HEPA filter via the powerful industrial fan. The unit itself is a standalone unit that can be wall mounted or freestanding.

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I use the Rhondair all the time. It enhances my current ventilation, and the splatter captured on shield is enough to make us glad to use it, especially with airflow. It is not noisy, patients accept it readily and it is peace of mind for now.It shows our patients we are trying to be careful. I am pleased I got it.

Dr Jane Sherrit, Ohakune Dental Centre
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Ask us about installation FAQ’s
and find out if you can install this yourself.

Q. Can I install Rhondair Negative Air myself?
A. Yes – if you are a handy DIY sort of person this is possible – though we recommend getting a builder or qualified construction expert to install it for you.
Q. How should the air be exhausted?
A. For simple ventilation setups – simply vent it directly through an external wall outside (do not vent it directly into a space where people from the public will come into contact with the exhausted air).
Q. Do you supply the wall mounting equipment?
A. Yes the brackets and mounting equipment is included. The ideal positioning for mounting is on an upper wall where you can still reach the on/off switch.
Q. Is there any maintenance required with the Rhondair Negative Air?
No – there are no filters in Rhondair Negative Air. Periodic cleaning of the vent grills is the only maintenance