QuickConnect Anatomy Band – Coming soon!

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QuickConnect Anatomy Band – Coming soon!

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With its easy-to-use detachable carrier, QuickConnect Anatomy Matrix Band allows convenient matrix placement without the inconvenience of awkward retainer arms (Tofflemire) or “finger in the back of the mouth” tightening. In addition, QuickConnect’s carrier makes placement easy, even for second and third molars.

Clinicians can achieve tight contacts with anatomically natural contours, excellent peripheral seals, good visual access, and better overall patient comfort with the beautifully shaped matrix.

With only 35 microns of thickness, the matrix foil is surprisingly tough and can be pushed between tight contacts while maintaining its shape. 
The matrix bands are available in large and small sizes and with different vertical dimensions, offering 4.5mm, 5.5mm, and 6.5mm, the latter being particularly useful for deep caries. The ingenious tightening mechanism gives a 4:1 mechanical advantage, allowing the restoration of a wide range of tooth sizes from 6mm to 13mm. 

We offer Tight-Contact Tabs as an optional feature in our product range. they can be pulled while curing to ensure that the matrix actually contacts the adjacent tooth or flowable resin can temporarily secure these tabs to adjacent teeth when extra control is needed.

The plastic retainers are adjustable and do not loosen, unwind, or break under load. The swivel allows the retainers to be used in any quadrant. The retainers and the stainless steel QuickConnect carriers are autoclavable and comply with routine hygiene protocols.

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