Introducing the new Bandless Proximal Wedge Technique

We didn’t just hear the feedback, we listened.  

As much as we love the McDonald matrix band for the consistently tight contacts and smooth finish it produces, we’ve learnt that sometimes it’s a little bit fiddly. 
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 11.31.37 AMThe wedge technique provides you an alternative technique when the matrix band would usually be difficult to seat, providing you more tools to ensure a successful treatment for your patient.  
This picture shows the new OVC Proximal Wedges with wooden wedged placed underneath to secure them in place and prevent movement. 



“For cases where it is difficult to get the McDonald matrix band on or sit correctly we have now designed a new set of wedges that are perfectly contoured to help recreate the structure of the band without the band and the fuss.”
Image showing Block out resin
With the use of a light cured blockout resin you can create a beautiful matrix shaped surface without a matrix band. 
By combining the unique shape of the OVC Proximal Wedge with the “wings” and the light cured block out resin, you can easily create the shape you need for your OVC restoration without the need for a matrix band at all.   (We’ll show you how in the video below).

Extra’s now included with each One Visit Crown case

OVC4-ClosedpackWith each OVC case, customers will still get the custom shaped McDonald Matrix band they know and love with the addition of 2 extra Blue OVC Proximal Wedges along with the other customise accessories usually included with each OVC case. 

OpenCaseProximalThis certainly isn’t a wave goodbye to the McDonald Matrix Band by any means for cases where you have a single tooth or only one contact.  This is broadening the horizons of where the OVC can be used, ensuring success and confidence for your patient’s treatment. 

As pictured, you’ll still get all the OVC accessories you know and love with 2 extra OVC Proximal Wedges per case. 


Where to get Light Cured Block Out Resin

41PnurkNTjLRhondium Dental Labs will supply all new and current customers one free syringe of Light Cured Block Out Resin.  This product is commonly used in whitening procedures and is a semi-rubbery material.  
“Liquid Wedge” as we are calling it will now be available on our dental lab prescription forms.  
If you run a search in your  local area for “Light Cured Block Out Resin” you will see many local suppliers. 

Video tutorial of the OVC Proximal Wedge Technique

Watch Dr Adam Doudney, an expericned OVC dentist talk through the Proximal Wedge Technique in this 7 minute video tutorial.  


Are you an OVC customer?   We have a special offer for current OVC customers.  Click here to claim your free Liquid Wedge block out resin.  Conditions apply. 

New to the One Visit Crown?  Here’s how to get started.

Interested to learn how to One Visit Crown lab service can benefit your practice? Join Dr Graeme Milicich in our 35 minute on-demand webinar.   We’ll give you a full overview of the OVC proceure and background to the innovative One Visit Crown.


*CPD only avaliable to dentists in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.