How to take impressions for the One Visit Crown?

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This article will show you the impression requirements for the One Visit Crown.

The impression is taken of a un-prepared tooth. It is best taken at the initial consultation.

If, at the consultation, the patient is unsure as to which treatment option to take, we recommend taking a “no obligation quick impression” to prevent the patient having to return. This task could be given to a skilled dental assistant to save time.

Dual-arch trays or upper and lower full arch trays are required.

Please ensure the following:

  • The patient’s teeth must be in centric occlusion.
  • Include teeth on either side of the treatment tooth.
  • Canines should be in the impression as our lab needs canine-guidance to get the occlusion correct.
  • The entire un-prepared crown of the tooth to be treated should be in the impression. Less impression material is required for the opposing arch as only the occlusal surfaces are required.


Material choice

Any silicone impression material is suitable. We recommend fast set PVS materials such as bite
impression materials. Cavex ColorChange Alginate is also acceptable as this is dimensionally stable for 7-9 days.

If you are concerned about the longevity of alginate, please cast the treatment side with

Wrap in damp tissue and place in a Ziplock bag. Wrap impressions carefully in bubble-wrap to
minimise the chance of distortion during shipping to the lab.

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