Can I use a rubber dam with the OVC procedure?

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Yes! You can. The whole procedure is doable under rubber dam, so aerosol-producing treatments – like the prepping required for an OVC – can still be done. Use the McDonald Matrix band and/or wedges to keep the dam from moving over the tooth prep. Obviously rubber dam impedes normal occlusion; instead, you can use the OVC Seating Guide to check for adequate clearance, in conjunction with the Occlusal Reduction Guide – as shown below.

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Please indicate your intention to use a rubber dam on the prescription form, and our lab techs will trim the Occlusal Seating Guide to allow for a rubber dam clamp. You may need to trim it a little bit more depending on your clamp-placement; this can be done using a scalpel or high speed hand-piece.


Try to leave at least one tooth either side of the restoration to keep the Occlusal Seating Guide stable. Once that’s done, you’re free to OVC-away!

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