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  • How to place the OVC using the OVC Proximal Wedges| 7 minutes
  • Securing the Matrix Band
  • Spot Curing for Faster Clean Up
  • OVC Contact Instrument
  • McDonald Matrix Band Removal

Module 3 Lesson Overview

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to insert the OVC Proximal Wedges, and how to use the Occlusal Seating Guide to correctly place the OVC into position.

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Common OVC Wedge FAQ’s

You can choose to either complete the side with no neighbouring tooth freehand because you will have access.  Or we recommend using the included McDonald Matrix Band in these cases.

We recommend you use the smaller green OVC Wedges (included with each OVC case) instead.

There are four ways you can clean-up the Liquid Wedge:

  1. Flossing: Sometimes all you need is dental floss to remove the Liquid Wedge.  If really helps if you created a nicely rounded marginal ridge before you cured the OVC, as then the floss can be pulled down through the contact. 
    Slightly smoothing the marginal ridge with a diamond polishing strip can aid getting the floss through too.
    Firm wedging with a wooden wedge can also open up the contact enough to get the floss through.
  2. No 12 Scalpel: You can use a No 12 Scalpel blade to tidy the embrasure composite, smooth the marginal ridge and also remove most of the Liquid Wedge. This is easier to use further forward in the mouth.
    Scalpels & Blades - Stockists and suppliers of Swann ...
  3. Sickle Scaler: If you don’t have a No 12 scalpel, then a sickle-scaler instrument also works well.
  4. Diamond Strip: You can wedge the contact open with a wooden wedge. It is best to push it in firmly and then wait for the periodontal membrane to relax and then push it in again firmly. Sometimes you need to use a bigger wedge for the second push.  Then, use a fine diamond polishing strip and polish the OVC’s proximal contact area carefully, without removing too much.  This will smooth the OVC and remove the Liquid Wedge at the same time. Some diamond strips have a region in the centre with no grit which is the easiest part of the strip to get into the embrasure first.
    The following serrated diamond strips are particularly good as they are only 8 microns thick and the serration can help get you through the contact:

We will send all current and new customers a tube of OVC Liquid Wedge with their first/next case.  It will be available to order on the OVC prescription form.

Rhondium Dental Labs only recommends high strength dual cure bonding with a product such as Optibond FL or Clearfil SE when bonding the OVC.

Push a wooden wedge in from the other side.
Try the green OVC Wedges or trim the bottom of the OVC Wedge with a bur or scalpel to reduce its height.

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