OVC Online Training Course

1 Video | Total: 5 minutes

  • How to place the OVC using the McDonald Matrix band | 5 minutes

1 Video | Total: 7 minutes

  • How to place the OVC using the OVC Proximal Wedges| 7 minutes
  • Securing the Matrix Band
  • Spot Curing for Faster Clean Up
  • OVC Contact Instrument
  • McDonald Matrix Band Removal

Module 2 Lesson Overview

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to place a One Visit Crown using the McDonald Matrix Band.

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Common McDonald Matrix FAQ’s

Yes they specially shaped for the tooth number and then selected by our technician to help the band fit as well as possible.

This can be diffuclt – we recommend building up the tooth so the margins are all above gum line – this will make the band easier to get on.

We supply these to new customers when they order their first OVC.  They are available to order to OVC customers should you need more.

Yes you get both the McDonald Matrix, Blue and Green OVC Wedges with each OVC case.

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