How do I set up the Rhondair ducting?

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With your Rhondair, we have provided a lightweight flexible 100mm duct that is longer than required so it can be customised for your individual surgery layout.

 This ducting can potentially reduce the volume of air that is filtered by your Rhondair if left longer than required.

We recommend:

  1. Set up your Rhondair next to your dental chair or preferred installation location. Closest is best.
  2. Remove excess ducting by cutting it with strong scissors, wire cutters or your high-speed drill.
  3. Affix the duct to your Rhondair with the end without the collar.   Tighten the supplied clamp – practice sitting in the chair and holding the duct near your head position. Use the supplied Velcro straps to support the ducting to prevent any kinks or unnecessary sharp bends.   Cut off excess from your ducting.

Don’t worry – Should you damage or remove too much of your duct by accident – we supply replacements at an affordable price – these can we ordered in our webstore at

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