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You recommend a crown, and your patient gasps at the price – they just can’t afford it. Sound familiar?

You’ve heard about the One Visit Crown and how it offers you a tool to fill the gap between large composite fillings and expensive lab crowns – improving your case acceptance rates and providing the best possible clinical outcome to your patient. All without the need for expensive CAD/CAM systems.

Over 200 Australian dentists have already recognised the benefits of the One Visit Crown for their patients and are offering it in their practice.

Want to join them? OVC3 Indirect Procedure Animation

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“I can’t fault the margins on OVC’s, I think the margins and the seal are better than on conventional crowns.”

Dr Keith Hoolihan, Mt Eden Dental Surgery

“I have seen results on patients in recall and the One Visit Crowns are gorgeous!”

Dr Heather Weber, Alameda Dental

“Clinically it’s quick, it takes a little bit of getting used to, but now that I know how the material handles it’s quite easy to handle and it’s really good for teeth that don’t have a lot of tooth structure left.”

Dr Tony Bagshaw, Pickup Bagshaw Dental

OVC3 Case Studies

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OVC3 replaces cracked molar

OVC3 full crown procedure

OVC3 restoration on amalgam filled tooth

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