In this exclusive free training presented by Professor Edward Lynch…

Discover the revolutionary procedure that makes it possible to offer your patients a more affordable, single visit lab-crown. No CAD/CAM required.

With over 40,000 OVC’s sold to-date, the One Visit Crown is responsible for improving the clinical outcome of thousands of patients.

The OVC is an ideal restorative option for patients who;

Want to conserve as much of their natural tooth as possible.

Struggle financially with traditional crown/onlay options and would typically defer treatment.

Would prefer a single visit solution.

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Presented by: Professor Edward Lynch


Professor Edward Lynch was elected the most influential person in UK Dentistry in 2010 by his peers. He has more than 500 publications, and is a specialist in 3 disciplines, Endodontics, Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry.

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What you’ll learn on this training:

The technique that allows you to conserve more of your patients natural tooth with minimally invasive crown treatments.

How to present OVC as an option to your patients to dramatically increase case acceptance rates.

A case study that shows how one dentist recorded a 97% success rate with OVC over a 5 year period.

Learn to identify ideal clinical situations for the OVC4.

See some of the great clinical results achieved by our customers:

OVC3 Case study very little remaining tooth structure before from side
OVC3 Case study very little remaining tooth structure after from side
Bio Dr John Flucke

“A revolutionary single visit full crown procedure that does not require CAD/CAM.  Every dentist should try this to see where this fits in their practice.” – Dr John Flucke

“I fitted my first OVC4 last week. Minimal adjustment needed and lovely aesthetics. Really happy with the result.” – Dr Samantha Grant

Bio Dr Michael Miyasaki

“This clever and simple system can provide an affordable, conservative and aesthetic restoration in a single visit. What patient would not be interested to learn more The One Visit Crown gives you the potential to grow your practice offering a service patients will seek out.” – Dr Michael Miyasaki