Why the One Visit Crown (OVC) is for you

If you’ve been looking for an affordable high-quality solution, we’ve got good news. Normally a crown will take two visits, making it an expensive procedure.  Our innovative OVC technique allows dentists to fit a crown within a single appointment, thus saving you both time and money.

“Our mission is to raise the affordability of dental care for you as a patient.”

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Now you can say “Yes”

Innovations like the One Visit Crown mean that a quality crown solution is now within your reach.

One Visit Crown Benefits

“I appreciate that within one short visit my dentist was able to insert the crown. I endured no pain or discomfort during the treatment. I would not hesitate to recommend this procedure to others.”
Charmaine Sutherland
I’ve had 5 OVCs in recent weeks at Fendalton Dental and I’m thrilled with the results! Got a bite back after years of poor teeth. Thank you Dr Keith Chiang. One to go. ”
Chris Manning
I would definitely recommend a One Visit Crown to anyone looking for an affordable crown. All done in one quick and easy visit and looks and feels totally natural.
Mary Lei

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OVC dental crowns are prescribed by dentists.   To find out if your case is suitable, search for a dentist near you now.

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Founded by Dentists for Patients

After 5 years of research and development, the One Visit Crown product range is our first step towards increasing the affordability and standard of dental treatments for everyone.   The One Visit Crown system solves a real world problem for both patients and dentists.

Dr Adam Doudney invented and developed the OVC concept together with Rhondium founder Dr Simon McDonald, the inventor of the award winning V3 Matrix System.

Read more about – Dr. Simon McDonald here.     NZBusiness week article.

Dr Adam Doudney – Rhondium Clinical Director

OVC Case Studies – click and slide to see results

OVC replaces weak amalgam filled tooth

OVC repairs damaged amalgam filled molar

OVC restores cracked weak tooth


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