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One Visit Crown Benefits

More patients say “Yes” to the One Visit Crown

When given a choice, patients choose the One Visit Crown because it’s both more convenient and more affordable. The One Visit Crown is faster easier and can be offered for a reasonable price, whether you want to provide a better solution than a large direct composite restoration or help a patient with a more affordable crown.

Happy patients tend to remain in your practice longer and are more likely to be a great source of referrals. One Visit Crown providers report that their patients talk about the One Visit Crown with their friends and family.

Key benefits of One Visit Crown restorative treatments:

  • Single appointment: A One Visit Crown can be prescribed and fitted in one sitting.

  • Quality & Durability: Because the One Visit Crown is made of tried and tested durable materials, patients can be confident it will last.

  • Minimally Invasive: The One Visit Crown is designed to preserve as much of the remaining tooth structure as possible, which means less drilling, no extractions or large composite build ups.

  • Affordability: Because One Visit Crowns are fast and efficient, dentists can offer more affordable treatment to their patients, whilst increasing their hourly rate. Everybody wins.

Dentists Agree

Finally, an immediate chair-side solution for my patients who need an affordable full occlusal restoration with great esthetics. I’m happy, my patients are happy!
Dr Marty Jablow, DMD, Dental Technology Coach
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What can that mean for you?

By treating a small number of patients with the One Visit Crown you can increase your treatment acceptance rates and convert lesser value treatments into high-value efficient procedures.