One visit dental crowns in just 30 minutes with Rhondium’s OVC


The Innovative OVC Technique

The OVC product range is a set of ready to use crowns that combine a tough preformed occlusal surface with a quality uncured composite base.   The OVC comes with an innovative Matrix Band that creates tight contact points and reduces finishing time.  No need for lab fees, CAD/CAM or impressions, saving you and the patient valuable time and money, whilst ensuring a high-quality finish.

A solution for every dentist

Rhondium’s OVC is ideal for:


  • Patients who can’t afford traditional dental crowns
  • Elderly patients
  • Time sensitive patients
  • Patients without dental insurance


  • Root canal treated teeth
  • Weakened tooth structures
  • Amalgam replacement
  • Large MOD’s with missing cusps
  • Cases where minimally invasive crowns are required

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OVC Case Studies

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OVC replaces cracked molar

OVC on a deep subgingival cavity

OVC restoration on amalgam filled tooth

Quality Assured

High Flexural Strength – 621 MPa

Rhondium’s product range provides up to 621 MPa of flexural strength so that you and your patient are assured of the best quality.    There is no stronger lithium disilicate product on the market today.


It’s a great product.    I can place it in one visit and my patients love it.   I offer it to all my patients and its been working out great in my practice. Dr. James Orrington Junior – OVC Dentist

Dr. James Orrington Junior

The OVC is a win-win for both dentist and patients – it eliminates lab fees,  increases affordability for patients and the procedure can be completed in a single 30 minute appointment.

Dr. John Comisi

Finally, an immediate chair-side solution for my patients who need an affordable full occlusal restoration with great esthetics. I’m happy, my patients are happy!
Marty Jablow

Dr. Marty Jablow

Faster – Better – Easier

Get started with the OVC in 4 easy steps

OVC Lithium Intro Kit

Watch OVC Video

Watch our easy online procedure tutorial video.

OVC Lithium Intro Kit

Select Your OVC Kit

Get started with an Introduction kit or set up your practice with the Professional kit.

OVC Refill Contents Open

Choose A Shade 

OVC kits are available is A2, A3 shades to cover most patients needs.

Happy OVC Patient

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Produce great looking restorations in your practice without the need for dental labs or CAD/CAM milling machines all in one easy visit.

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