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From the inventors that brought you the V3 Matrix System, we now bring you the One Visit Crown (OVC3).

The One Visit Crown (OVC3) enables dentists to effortlessly create anatomically correct, full coverage restorations in just one appointment without the need for dental labs or CAD/CAM systems. Because our revolutionary procedure is so efficient, dentists can offer their patients an excellent price, dramatically improving their case acceptance rate. 

Now, when patients are given the bad news that they need a crown to restore a weak tooth, they can also be given the good news – there is now a unique technology that can provide a cost-effective solution for them in just one visit. Dentists can save their patients time and money with restorations that are great for them – and for the practice.

The One Visit Crown is indicated for full crowns, 3/4 crowns, onlays and complex restorations.

We are rapidly expanding globally and are already available in many countries. If you are interested in becoming a distributor for our product range, please fill in the distributor application form below.

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One Visit Crown

The revolutionary crown procedure

No CAD/CAM Required

Innovative Technique

The OVC product range combines a strong preformed occlusal layer with a quality uncured composite base.  Lab fees and impressions are a thing of the past.

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OVC Case Studies – to see results click and slide

OVC replaces cracked molar

OVC occlusal coverage of cracked molar

OVC restoration on amalgam filled tooth